The pioneering Galaxy on Fire saga blazes onto the new Apple TV! Play as hotheaded rookie pilot Hayley "Manticore" Snocom and rescue your friends and crew from death-dealing space pirates. Assemble a hard-hitting squad and fight off countless waves of enemies in epic environments – more than 200 square miles in size and full of amazing details! Do you have the guts and skills to defeat all attackers and face the dangers of the far-off Neox Sector?
  • Hayley "Manticore" Snocom

    Hayley “Manticore“ Snocom is the granddaughter of Brent Snocom – Chief Security Officer of the Terran Space Fleet. A young orphan with no direct kin left, she grew up under the guidance of her grandfather’s friend and comrade-in-arms Bryce Vantok, whose acceptance and appraisal she craves more than anything. She later joined the academy and received military training, but never finished her education as a fighter pilot. Instead, she left the Terran Navy after a clash with her instructor Sunita “Sun” Khanna and joined a private mercenary company called Nova Defense Services, where she joined the squad of no other than her former mentor Bryce Vantok.

    Hayley is young, hotheaded and not afraid of anything. For as long as she can remember she has always had trouble accepting authorities and her courage often borders on recklessness. Knowing what it is like to be all on her own, she holds her friends dear and is willing to go through the fire for them, anytime and anyplace.
  • Sunita "Sun" Khanna

    Sunita Khanna, code name "Sun", had an unburdened childhood but longed for adventure. So she joined the Terran Navy, hoping to get about and make a name for herself as a fighter pilot. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, however, she ended up as a drill instructor at the academy. There, she made the acquaintance of a young cadet called Hayley Snocom, with whom she often butted heads despite the huge potential that Hayley showed. When the latter left the academy as a direct result of another clash with her instructor, Sunita also said goodbye to the strict rules and daily routines of military life and traded in the safe haven that she hated for a more exciting gig at Nova Defense Services.

    Sunita is a real wild-child who is drawn to danger and excitement like a moth to the light. But she is also a well-trained soldier and clever tactician who always keeps a clear head, even when the enemies around her are plenty and all odds seem to be against her.
  • Bryce Vantok

    Bryce Vantok was a troublesome teenager who picked fights and stirred up heat wherever he went. So eventually, he was given the choice: either enlist in the Terran Space Fleet and straighten out his wayward life or spend a significant amount of years in a detention center. In the Navy, he worked his way up from the very bottom but his low social background prevented him from being promoted beyond the rank of lieutenant. So Bryce ultimately called it a quits and pursued a new career as Fleet Commander at Nova Defense Services.

    Bryce Vantok is a battle-hardened veteran who has seen a fair share of violence and destruction in his life. Unlike the younger members of his squad, he knows damn well that recklessness is not a virtue and that a supremacy of enemies is better approached with a sound plan than with all guns blazing. Sharing a similar background, Bryce understands where Hayley comes from. At times, he even sees his younger self in her.
  • Kyrrk Tasst

    Due to his strong build, unflinching character and full determination, Kyrkk Tasst once had a promising career ahead of him. After all, he had everything the belligerent Vossk expected of a great clansman… and probably even a future leader. But all this lost meaning when he was caught mating an infertile female — an inexcusable shame that was strictly proscribed by the laws of his clan. When he refused to redeem his honor by killing his mate, he was proclaimed a pariah. Exiled to the far side of the galaxy, he eked out a living as a gun-for-hire and eventually secured a gig as assistant quartermaster at Nova Defense Services under no other than Bryce Vantok.

    Raised as a member of his clan’s elite, Kyrrk Tasst is highly intelligent, extremely disciplined and formally educated. Although he has been living among Terrans for years and even managed to acquire their language, he has not forgotten his past and the values on which he was raised.
  • Tripura

    During its heyday, the Tripura was an elegant and efficient all-rounder that offered a near-perfect balance between performance and style. But these days are long gone and the few Tripuras that are still airworthy are mostly used as Training Ships by the Terran Navy.
  • Shamash

    A prime example of everything the Vossk cherish in a gun ship, the Shamash is an unstoppable behemoth with thick armor plating and devastating fire power. When it comes to the nature of this iconic space craft, brute force is the name of the game!
  • Styx

    The Styx is a light, agile scout with great maneuverability and more punch than you might expect from such a lean, quick vessel. Once you have stepped into its cockpit, prepare yourself for intense dog fights and dashing space flights at breakneck speed.
  • Trim

    The planet Geminus and its orbiting space stations had once been the thriving heart of the Trim area. But then a devastating meteor storm struck and initiated a new ice age that made survival on the heavenly body’s surface impossible. Besides busy rescue crews, this also lured greedy gangs of pirates into the area with plans to plunder and raid whatever they could.
  • Rigant Vortex

    The former home world of an advanced alien race that became extinct eons before the first settlers arrived, Rigant Vortex is a mysterious fringe-world that still bears remnants of its former inhabitants’ failed attempts to alter space-time fabric.
  • Ornoth Rift

    Until recently, the Starfire Survey mining corporation had used the part of Ornoth Rift known as Transit 12 as a “Glow” deposit. When the improper handling of this powerful substance triggered off a gigantic explosion that drowned the area in cosmic flames, space pirates and “grey shadow” members entered Transit 12 to plunder the wrecked stations, containers and storage depots.